June 8, 2011

Want a little cheese to go with that whine?

Never mind this pic. This is
for my own benefit..
not yours.
I have been tired for three days straight and haven't had the energy to even think about posting on my blog. It could be a bug going around, it could be stress, it could be my lack of interest in my workouts since I have been injured and can't do my morning runs at the moment (yup....it happened! I'm in rehab for a week or so - fingers crossed)...I don't know why, but I just feel like doing nothing..but sitting in a comfy chair under a tree and reading a good book.

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever felt uninterested in cleaning the house (cause it will just get dirty again), eating healthy (cause a bag of Doritos would be so much better right now), meeting up with friends (cause the thought of having to make myself presentable takes too much energy), and exercising (cause if I get on another stationary bike and read the same trashy magazine again, I'm going to throw up)? Have you?

Perhaps it is a little bout of depression...those things happen. Perhaps it is a lack of something in my diet....I blame it on not eating enough cake (but I'm no biochemist). Perhaps it is just boredom (although my work life is going pretty well lately)...all I know is I feel like I'm loosing my fashion sense, my hair is a mess, and I'm starting to look like a "before" picture more everyday (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I soooo related to "Bridget Jones"
in this scene. Sometimes a
blanket and a tub of Ben &
Jerry's is all you need.
Intellectually, I realize that this is just a bad day and we all have them. At least I'm not still in my jammies walking around hugging a tub of ice cream with cookies in my hair or under some sort of carbohydrate coma somewhere...it could be worse. I am sure by Friday, I will be back to my old argumentative (albeit extremely hilarious and entertaining) self again. 

However, whilst I'm in this state of ...perpetual whinniness (spelling?), I do want to point out the challenges "my people" (all those people in the same state as me) face when we know we should eat a carrot and take the stairs (or eat healthy and exercise everyday) but because of our mood, we choose to crawl under a blanket with a DVD of Sex and the City and eat a tube of cookie dough instead (not that I would know anything about that). Our psychology or mood has more of an influence than our "drive" or "desire" to be (insert your desire here).  I mean, I'm a fitness instructor, personal trainer, health promoter, have been in the industry all my life (translation: I'm a fitness convert; a fitness believer) and, when in the wrong mood, can still find my way down a path of sloth and gluttony......please tell me there are others out there like me? If not, I should donate myself to UBC for further research on the psychology of health behaviour...

My dream....
 At any rate, I thought I would note my state of "unwellness" to point out the potential effects on behaviour, motivation, and consumption of Kraft Singles (God, I love fake cheese...I know, it's sick..whatever...don't judge me). In addition, it is also very important to note that (unless I am living in a dream world of my making...which is entirely possible) we all go through bouts of sadness, depression, or boredom. It is as natural as being happy...although I do wonder about those chronically happy people (I'm just saying).

My definition of wellness has always been this..... Wellness isn't about the achievement of a perfect balance of the mind, body, and spirit, but the awareness of our imbalances and the ability to make the changes necessary to get closer to it. At this moment, I am not balanced, but I do know how to get there....I'll keep you posted.


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  1. Oh Kathy... you must read my mind! I have also been without running and I feel like a puff daddy! Seriously, maybe a 2 pound weight gain that feels like 10 and I and feeling like it's blah... all blah! Trying to kick myself out of it, having a hard time. I am whining! Swimming, biking and work outs but it's not running and it's not the same cardio punch! I think weight has re-distributed which I hate! Arggg tell me your secret when you pull yourself out, please..... please.........