June 16, 2011

A Song for Real Life Health

Ever since I was sitting in a fried out combie in the outback of Australia (true story) and heard this song for the first time, I have considered this song, my theme song. I know it may sound really Alley McBeal-ish (remember that show in the 90's where this anorexic lawyer was figuring out the single life and she had a theme song...she also saw a dancing baby everywhere?) but no matter what is going on in my life, I can play this song and bring myself back to who I am. I think this song is what real life health is all about.

I thought I would share it with you as, in true Savage Garden form, the video is also thought provoking. To get the full effect, you must listen to the lyrics. The only "belief" I don't agree with is their take on junk food....another blog for another time.

I hope you enjoy it...I would love to hear your comments.


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