June 28, 2011

A Shot a Day Rids Fat Away!

Just say no to the "F" word! Whenever
you see an ad for Fast weight loss run
the other way and don't look back!
Seriously. I was on the elliptical last night with my mouth wide open as I watched the evening news spew out yet another fat loss remedy (I'm sure I looked like a spaz as I was shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and even foaming at the mouth on occasion).  This one not only made me sick to my stomach but made me shake my head over the realization that many people would rather pay out tons of money and stick themselves with a needle a day than exercise and learn how to eat healthy. Un.....frickin....believable. I'm sorry if my tone hints of a bit of judgement. I think I may be judging a teeny weeny bit. I just can't understand, when people complain of healthy food being more costly than junk, go out and spend over $1,000.00 on a hormone that promises rapid fat loss. Is it the fast rate of weight loss that is the draw? You better believe it is!

This hormone (I believe it is called HCG) is injected into your body daily while you enjoy a diet of only 500 calories a day. So which is it...the hormone or the crazy caloric restriction that allows speedy fat loss? I'm sure the hormone suppresses the appetite so the restriction doesn't drive you crazy (I'm no smartie pants, I'm just sayin'....). So when does someone call bullsh*t on all this? When are we to finally notice the white elephant in the room? For every diet, special exercise program, or medical procedure the client is sure to get the fast and effective results they are so desperate to receive. It is easy to lose ten pounds in ten days (just don't eat and exercise your butt off) but what none of these programs talk about is the lasting effects. Why? Because there isn't any!!!!!

Seriously? Is this not a blatant exploitation
of the desperate? Drink normal water and save
your money for vegetables.
I know many people who went the liposuction route and gained fat again. I know people who did the band surgery and gained the weight back again. I know people who joined Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and the like....and gained the weight back again. This new fat shot approach will be no different. You can't sustain this for the rest of your life and, as you go back to normal (falling slowly back into old behaviours), the weight creeps back up (...and then some). Don't forget old behaviours include family dinners, socializing with friends at the pub and so forth. Although we all have the best intentions to maintain, without daily focus, we can find ourselves eating hot wings more often than we would care to admit. I believe our social lives have more of an influence on our eating habits than what is in our kitchen.

Believe me, I understand the desperation to lose fat, the feelings of being out of control with your diet and the intimidation and overwhelming sense of hopelessness when approaching exercise. BUT...if you want to lose the fat for life (no matter how much fat you have to lose) you must do it slowly and learn to live differently. Seriously, you don't just dive into the water if you don't know how to swim. No one would ever think of picking up a scalpel without going to medical school (unless you are a psychopath) so why would anyone think they could lose fat for life without learning how to live a life that supports a lean body? Then, of course, we have those who lose the weight first thinking that they will learn the rest after......never happens.

Of course, the media plays
a very big role in our desire
to lose weight fast. I seriously
don't know how people like
this sleep at night but as long
as we celebrate this type of
celebrity that contributes nothing
positive except the odd endorsement
for a product that promises all but
delivers nothing...we will continue
to believe the garbage they spew.
I continue to read the latest research on various fat loss techniques, beliefs, theories, and such and I still believe, as I believe I'm sitting here finishing the last drop of my morning coffee, that one must take at least a year to learn how to exercise and how to eat to sustain a life of a person who never has to think about her/his weight again. It takes time, but in the end it is well worth the work. An example of this was me this weekend.

Over the last two years (as I have been writing this blog) I have been working through my own issues with eating and exercise. I have learned to eat and exercise differently. I now lift weights consistently (and have actually grown to look forward to it) and have more veggies in my fridge than anything else. This weekend was the first weekend since..(thinking, thinking)...my late twenties when I wore a t-shirt out in public without feeling icky about my "meat-sticks" (a.k.a. my arms). The first time. THAT feeling or sense of comfort was worth the last two years of jumping on and off the wagon. It was a great feeling and one I will remember when I feel like skipping the work out or eating crap.

So I suggest that those who are wanting to spend that money on fat shots or weight loss programs throw a little of that money my way. If you are willing and ready to do the work and want to give me a year to get 'er done, I can guarantee you (yes, I used the G word) that you will get the results you desire AND you will sustain those results over a life time (never mind the reduction in chronic illness, insomnia, stress, and wrinkles). The problem with my service is I don't come with a fancy package or slick catch phrase. I haven't packaged my "weight loss" program in a way that draws people in who are searching for the quick fix. I will not and will never exploit that desire....and maybe that's why I haven't quit my day job.

It isn't exciting but slow and steady
really does win the weight loss
race (if the finish line is into your
old - yet healthy - age).
That's all I got.


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