June 20, 2011

The Fear of Cancer is Carcinogenic

There is a great article posted on CBC.ca this morning that motivated me to write this post. It is entitled, "Cancer of the psyche: Weighing news of risks from cell phones to coffee" and if you, like many others, are stressed out about all the ways you can get cancer, this article may put your mind at ease.


From BPA plastics and too much aspertame to cellphone use and second hand smoke, there is another cause for concern announced on the nightly news almost every day. The most popular weapon in the "war on cancer" is usually related to blaming the victim. If you are overweight, smoking, drinking heavily, inactive and eating crap...well...it's no wonder you have cancer.  We have been socialized to give money to cancer agencies, sponsor runners in various "fun" runs for cancer, buy the bracelets, the pins, and the t-shirts (not to mention the chocolate covered almonds and other sugary junkfood that is supported by the cancer foundations).  There is no doubt that the war on cancer certainly keeps our economy healthy. Could you imagine how many jobs would be lost if they ever found a cure?

Fast Food Kills!..never mind the
chronic anger and emotional bankruptcy
that comes from spiritual emptiness...
it's all about the burger and fries!
When it comes to our fear of cancer, the irony is that it may play even a larger role in actually getting cancer than anything. Fear is stress, stress depresses the immune system function and our immune system is what keeps us healthy (but only if it is strong).  As this CBC.ca article suggests, these cancer causing agents, in small doses, are not a threat to our health.  Even studies on smoking suggest this (although you wouldn't catch a health promoter even whispering these results ...or they would be shot on site).  Dr. Steven Blair found that a physically active smoker is as healthy (or even healthier) than their non-smoking, sedentary counterparts. Wha?????? You don't hear that on the news.

Did you know that many
overweight people put off
going to the doc because
they fear judgement?
Have you ever been asked
if you share your feelings and
needs with people in a healthy
and respectful manner? Um..
I would think that would be
a big fat no...but equally
important to your health.
 Similarly, I know so many people who are dedicated to exercise and eating well. You know these people...they eat organics only, wild not farmed, run, ride, swim, hike everywhere and are sure to follow all the rules for health and (more often than not) judge those who don't. But when you get a little closer and exmamine their emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health one or more components are desperate for attention. What these people may overlook is the equal importance of each component. You can exercise all you want and look really great in your jeans while you are eating a plate of veggies but if you can't express your emotions in a healthy way....you are as much at risk for cancer as your sedentary, fish and chip-eatin', smoking buddies down the street. Pretty cool, eh?

Those that live in balance (or as close to it as they can) without a concentration on any specific health component will be healthier and may even live longer (with all things considered like the end of the world and other stuff).  If you are looking for a healthier balance in life, may I suggest; a walk every day, eat your veggies every day, socialize and laugh every day, learn how to express your feelings assertively and do so every day, love deeply, manage your anger and stress, challenge your mind, do something different, believe in something bigger than yourself and you will enjoy the benefits of better health (while you drink from a BPA plastic waterbottle and talk on your cell phone). 

That's all I got.

Of course, when you google "balance" you get something like this over and over again. Don't be fooled, this isn't balance. This some freaky woman who has restricted her caloric intake, exercised her butt off because she was told she had a photo shoot for a commercial on "balance" and was given a really big scarf to play with 'cause that is what balance is all about....running and jumping on a grassy hill with a really big scarf.

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