May 3, 2011

Cutting the Cord for the HELLth of it!

It all started when I was younger (wearing
my Munsters uniform and sitting too
close to the TV). I should have known it
would lead to no good.
Why I decided to cut cable is beyond me. Oh...I remember. I saw a stupid little movie called "Limitless" and got all motivated to get rid of cable for the sake of whatever percentage of my brain I do use. What the hell was I thinking? It's been just over 24 hours (34 hours, 50 minutes, 50 seconds to be exact) and I am finding myself wondering the house looking at the walls (as I begin to hallucinate and start talking to myself....and I talk back). I'm in my own private HELL!

Perhaps I was (am) addicted. Perhaps it was a good idea to cut the cord. I'm sure I will get more done now that I don't have a schedule to keep. Although I rarely admitted it or created a schedule around House or Bones (God, I miss them terribly...I hope they are well) I did make a mental note of the day and time..if there was a TV around, I would find myself sitting in front of it. In fact, I made the appointment for the cable guy to be after the last Office episode where Michael Scott leaves...(so sad...totally cried...I wish him all the best). Moreover, thank God I didn't miss the Royal Wedding!

I am certainly not saying you must cut your cable to get healthier. I am suggesting that no matter who you are, the chances are good you are addicted to something. What controls you? What do you need or what would you alter your schedule for? For some, it is their iPhone (not that I would know anything about that), for others it could be exercise, for others still it is shopping, Internet gambling, alcohol, smoking, and the like. No matter what the addiction, if you cannot control ain't healthy.

This is my biggest fear of all.  Everyone together, but not
together. How many families suffer from the same 'togetherness?"
My challenge to you, for the spring and summer months, is find out what your crutch is and kick it to the curb. Of course, you may not want to go cold turkey or even do it at all if you are not ready...perhaps you just think about it for a while. At any rate, I am cableless now and at this moment it blows major goats (although I am writing this blog, hence, being more productive than if I was watching....Glee). 

Now I will have time for reading, painting, gardening, baking, making paper mache fruit bowls, stamp collecting, and counting how many silver Honda Civics drive by my house in an hour.'s gonna be great...(I wonder if I can stream Nurse Jackie on my computer)?!

That's all I got.



  1. lol you are too funny! I don't want to kick TV to teh cub and that is my addict at 8pm until 9'ish when I pick up the book:) HOUSE will miss you!! But, I hear you about cable and they got you with a fish hook, to bad we can't order the only channels we want and I think for us that would be about 6 stations.

  2. sorry... it's early! Spelling, my bad!

  3. Thanks for your (very early) post, A;
    I'm sure House will not miss me, but it was nice of you to say. It would be fabulous to be able to pick and choose channels and not have to get all the crap with the good stuff..but I guess that is the TV biz.
    Hope you have a fabulous week and are feeling on top of your game! Thanks for continuing to read this makes me happy!