April 17, 2011

To what food group does a corn dog belong?

I should have gone with the chips on a stick...at least you
know where they come from.
I am almost 43 years old and can honestly say, I have never tried a corn dog in my life. A miss opportunity? Maybe. Blame it on a misspent youth? Perhaps. So when the circus came to town (no...not really....it was just a fairway type thing but it sounds better to say that) I made it my goal to try a corn dog. I was a little nervous and if I thought about constitutes a corn dog. I mean, what food group would it belong to? Is it even a food? At any rate, when we went down to the circus with my manfriend and his kids, I searched out the corn dog booth and ordered a medium (as you can see in the picture provided...my manfriend got the extra large - a foot of corn dog goodness....or so he thought).

I was full of mixed emotion; excitement,
disgust, and a little bit of immaturity.
My manfriend 's identity has been altered
to protecthis "innocence".
We had the opportunity to watch the guy make them (take a dog on a stick and dip it in a vat of corny looking sludge and then immerse it in the deep fryer for a couple of minutes) but I couldn't stomach to watch it. I was starting to feel weak in the knees and if it weren't for so many people watching me, I would have blacked out, I'm sure. At any rate, I grabbed that corn dog with the same level of gusto I grab my 20lb dumbbell at the gym, doused it in mustard and took the first bite (after getting a few gag shots...I'm sooooo immature sometimes).

Words cannot describe my absolute disgust and horrification (is that a word?). I wanted to run to the nearest garbage can and spit it out...but I politely chewed and swallowed (not without making a few really bad facial expressions first).  And don't let me even get into details about what it looked like on the inside.....OMG...that's a imprint I will never be able to remove from my brain. Luckily, there was a tweenager standing by secretly coveting my corn dog.  She was very happy to take it on (that deep fried mystery meat on a stick was gone in 60 seconds).  My manfriend wasn't so lucky. Although he ate the entire thing, he looked pretty green for a while after. He was nursing that corn dog food baby for the rest of the night.

There is always room for a
visit to Candy Land!.
Don't get me wrong, I fully support and celebrate foods like corn dogs. A balanced diet (eating mostly veggies, limited meats, whole grains, and such) definitely allows for the odd....oddity once in a while. I have been known to enjoy the odd deep fried Mars bar when the opportunity struck (if you haven't tried this...don't gross out until you do. It's a little bite of heaven...deep fried to a golden brown and served with vanilla ice cream). You have to be able to enjoy the fun foods, including corn dogs. If I wasn't so grossed out by it, I am sure I would have loved it.

I think I will stick to my deep fried chocolate bars.

The best part of the fair is the Merry-Go-Round!

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