April 4, 2011

Craving Chips? Why Not Home Made Yam Chips?

I have just one more "Junk Food Menu" item to share. It's a simple recipe that takes a little longer than the others, but well worth the wait (of maybe 30 minutes).  If you haven't tried a yam before, they taste like potatoes...only better.  They are a bit sweeter and almost taste like roasted marshmallows when baked.  The following is a quick step by step recipe to make your own batch of yam chips whenever the craving hits you. I tend to make a batch after work (as this is also a nasty time for cravings and fast food overload).

Yam Chips Ingredients

1 yam
canola / safflower / or other type of oil (spritzer or spray is best)
salt (if you like)
any other shaker flavoring is great

Seriously...there's nothing to this.

After peeling the Yam, cut into chips the width of a camera lens (I heard that somewhere). If you chose to make fries, they end up a little squishy and floppy. Chips come out more........chippy.

Place the chips on a baking sheet. Personally, I like to live on the edge and not spray the sheet with oil first. I've never had a problem but you may want to consider it. Spray the chips with oil and add your salt. I suppose you could shake your flavoring before baking...parm cheese would be great.

After baking at about 375 - 400 heat for 15-20 minutes (and turning them over for another 10 - 15 minutes). They shrink a bit but taste so good, many of them didn't make the bowl for the next picture.

And here they are. If you are seriously craving fries, chips, or something salty.....seriously consider trying this easy recipe. In no time you will have a bowlful of chips that promise to rid any craving for chips you may have. Plus...Yams are uber healthy for you. For women, they have been known to reduce the symptoms of PMS. So if you have to, drizzle your Yam chips with chocolate sauce for those times you gotta have it!

As I have mentioned before, it is important to plan your weekly menu (along with a shopping list) of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It is also just as important to create a list of "junk food" snacks for those evenings when you just have to curl up in front of the TV with a bowl full of somethin'.

Have a great night.

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