March 2, 2011

Weight Loss Tip #1

Over the last few years I have written about this tip, spoken about this tip, talked one on one about this tip and today, I can't stress enough the importance of this one (most important tip) for life long weight loss.


I had one of our most successful "Losers" in my office today. After participating in one of the "Weight and Health" courses I teach, she lost the most weight and continued on with her exercise and eating plan for about 6 months. But, like most "biggest losers" life caught the best of her and she slowly slid back into old behaviours. The kitchen she freed from her favorite breads and pastas and such, started collecting more breads and pastas until she was sitting in my office today heavier than she was than before she started the program. I was sad for her, but definitely not surprised....her focus and motivation was eating and exercising to lose weight. She did that very well, it was the keeping it off that didn't work so well.

I think no one is more known for her weight fluctuations than Oprah. If she goes through this, no one is safe....unless health is the focus for the behaviour change. Up until this moment, I believe Oprah was all about the weight loss.
So....I continue my quest to share this one, important weight loss tip to whoever wants to pay attention to it. I promise you, as much as I am here sitting at my desk typing this blog post, that you WILL successfully maintain a weight you are happy with if you eat and exercise with health as the motivator.

In other words, eat for health. Eat whole foods, avoid processed food-like crap, eat a diet full of colourful veggies and limit the meats. Research shows that this type of diet will reduce our chances of chronic disease. Eat smaller amounts (watching serving sizes) and pair this up with a physical activity program you can keep for the rest of your life. Daily physical activity will slow down the aging process and also lessen our chances for chronic disease. Start slowly, progress slowly, enjoy it, do it with friends if possible, and record, record.

If you would like more information about this (in greater detail) let me know. I would love to write more about it or chat one on one. Otherwise, although it ain't sexy, or something you don't already know, this one weight loss tip is the "secret" to it all. The problem with this one secret is it takes patience, it takes commitment, it takes enough strength to persevere through the relapses you WILL experience throughout the process. It ain't a diet that will reap the fat loss results in a matter of days or weeks....and that is something that may or may not appeal to many. The one thought I can leave you with is this.....those that lose the weight in days, weeks, and/or months, are usually the same ones that buy all the books on the subject and will continue to carry the weight into their old age.

Those that do the work to focus on health and not weight loss (which is a pretty big task when we have focused on weight loss all our lives) are those that usually are more able to keep the weight off for life because they have found an eating and exercise plan that they enjoy and can keep up.

Consider it.

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