March 10, 2011

The Secret to Healthy Eating....Leftovers!

I have figured out the easiest way to keep on the healthy eating track and it starts and ends with the leftover. I think leftovers may get a bad wrap but when "re-used" in alternative ways, you can create another healthy meal without eating the same thing over and over again.

On Tuesday I made a "Yam Bake" and stored the leftovers in a container for lunch the next day. For lunch, I just stuck some in a wrap along with a bit of cheese and heated it up in the micro at work. That night, I made the Quinoa burger and mixed the remaining Yammy leftovers in the stir fried greens I added to the burger (see all this in the last two posts).

Last night, however, I was in a rush form one thing to another and thought I would try Orzo for the first time. I would combine Orzo with my favorite leafy greens (swiss chard, kale, and spinach), add a few brussel sprouts with Parmesan cheese, and one quinoa burger pattie (heated up).  This entire dinner took 8 minutes! Who says that eating healthy has to take a long time to cook?

Here's how it went....

I chopped up those cancer-fighting, green, leafy veggies.

I added them 2 minutes before the Orzo was ready. Altogether this took 8 minutes! While the Orzo was boiling, I chopped the greens, microwaved the brussel sprouts, and boiled everything.

So in 8 minutes I had dinner including; three kinds of greens, brussel sprouts (other veggie optional), and a leftover quinoa burger with carrot, onion, and black bean in it. All sprinkled with a bit of Parmesan cheese. For "fast food" it was amazing, low fat, high fibre, and a cancer-fighter!

Can I just say...Orzo is a really fun pasta!  I had never had it before and am very happy I used it. They are so tiny and cute and are almost like alphabets for adults. If you haven't tried Orzo yet, go out and get yourself some. It just leaves more options open...that's all I'm sayin'.

I also recommended storing some leftover rice or quinoa (quinoa is a great option because it is also a source of protein...this will help you feel fully than just a grain). I crumbled a leftover pattie into a Tupperware container, with the quinoa, and poured a bunch of frozen peas onto the whole thing. Frozen veggies are a great "fast food" for work. They will thaw out in time for lunch!

Seriously, I have met with more and more people who say their biggest challenges to eating healthy is the lack of time. While it may take some time to learn new recipes, there are a ton out there that take as much time as it would to heat up a frozen pizza.

So I'm almost done my one week of recipe experiments. Tonite, I found a new one off of Beth's (I'm sure you are sick of me mentioning it, but I do get most of my ideas from her and she definitely needs the credit). Today she posted a recipe for Lasagna Roll-Ups and I changed the recipe around to accommodate for less pasta (and whole wheat vs. white) and played with feta instead of ricotta cheese. They were awesome, easy, cute, fun, and very filling. I had three (they are the size of half your palm).

The Lasagna Roll-Up

I combined the three "power greens" with chopped artichoke hearts (I didn't measure, just decided when enough was enough). I added caramelized onion and once they were looking good I poured in the chopped greens to stir fry before adding to the bowl above. I then added crumbled low fat feta and stirred.

After boiling 4 whole-wheat lasagna noodles, I placed them on a towel, added the spread and rolled it up (one roll and then I cut the noodle). I probably did two roll-ups for every noodle. Once I placed them all on the baking sheet, I added some tomato sauce and a light sprinkle of cheese (I would have chosen skim milk mozza, but only had cheddar). I baked under a 365 heat for approximately 10 - 15 minute...until the cheese melted.

I added a half a teaspoon of Greek (plain) Yogurt to each. Again, totally fabulous AND I have three for work tomorrow! This recipe took less than 30 minutes....the longest wait was for the noodles to boil.

....and I'm done.
Have a great night.


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