March 9, 2011

Quinoa Burgers with Cancer-Fighting Greens!

As promised, I am posting the next recipe that changed my outlook on healthy eating. As I had predicted, this dinner was epic and something that followed me into my dreams that night.....okay, maybe not THAT dramatic...but it was damn good. I found this recipe on if you want to get it from the source. I tweaked it just a bit so the burger wasn't so runny and hard to control (I really hate an out of control burger...they really stress me out). To get in more veggies, I added three types of leafy greens (my personal favorites); chopped spinach, chopped kale (it wasn't as scary as I thought), and chopped swiss chard (probably one of the most beautiful leaves going). The research is in and it strongly suggests the consumption of the dark, leafy greens to help reduce one's chances of chronic disease (FYI).  The following is a step by step of this (30 minute) process....

I used the leftover Quinoa from last night's Yam Bake (see last post) and started with one cup of it in a large bowl. From there I added; one shredded carrot, 3 chopped scallions (a.k.a. green onions...of course I had to research that one), 1/4 cup Panko Bake Crumbs, and a full can (or one cup) of black beans. Then....I mash the crap out of it all until it is a lump of mush!

Next, take a ball of mash in your hand and mold it into a patty. The mixture should be solid enough to do it quite easily AND move into a fry pan like above. Because I'm too cheap to get really good pans, I have to use a bit of Canola oil...if you can do without, it's best. Just brown up each side and you are good to go. Sorry for the's not the best shot.

Next I chopped up the greens.....and placed the whole lot into another pan to stir fry. For added excitement, I used some leftover Yam Bake I had in the fridge and stir fried it all up together.

With a little oil in the bottom of the pan, I stirred things around a little and left them to simmer in their own beautiful, veggie juices until the leaves were a bright green (not THIS bright green...obviously I played around with the photo a bit....but you get the idea).  I have no idea how long this takes...just eyeball it (as you can see, I'm not a woman of great detail).

Finally, I placed one patty on 1/2 of the thin burger buns I got at Superstore and topped it with one small tspn of Greek Plain Yogurt (this stuff is all purpose and not loaded with any preservatives or is a whole food). On the other half, I scooped up the veggie stir fry I had going on and topped it up with two slices of avocado (nature's butter). For extra fun, I used the rest of the greens as a side dish. was the BEST burger ever!!  I'm serious. I had a hard time believing it wasn't junk food. The best part is...if I wasn't snapping would have taken me under 30 minutes from start to finish.

I had mentioned this in a previous blog, but in case you were I was...this is a box of Panko Crumbs. They are worth adding to your pantry.

Now I am aware that this recipe will turn out about 4-5 patties and, if you are like me, cooking for one, you may find yourself with a lot of leftovers....what to do, what to do?  Tomorrow, I will show you what I did with some of them for the next dinner. I made this one up and it turned out amazing (if I do say so myself).

I really hope you try this out. Even if you aren't a vegetarian, I think any meat-eater would appreciate it too. My man-friend like it fine (although I think he added a few sauces to it).

That's all I got.

PS. I saw the movie "The Adjustment Bureau" tonite.....brilliant with a very thoughtful message.

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