March 23, 2011

I haven't had a veggie in two days!!

Seriously. I had to think back to the last time I saw (let alone ate) a vegetable and it was two (or more) days ago. Why? I went on a trip. What is it with trips, airports, flight delays, visiting family, and travelling on the road? I always start out on the right path but very soon into the adventure, I get side tracked. I blame everyone but myself (that would be a lot easier than taking responsibility for my actions). Although I have to say, some of the restaurants I went to these past four days made it hard to find any source of green leafy goodness.

From the buffet to the mall food court, it's hard to eat healthy let alone to not be influenced by the smells and sights of the burgers/fries, Taco Times, Pizza Huts and the like. I did manage to make a bee-line to the Booster Juice kiosk and order a veggie wrap (good on me), but I didn't pass up the corn fritters (my God...have you had these???? In my life, I've never seen a corn fritter!) served up at my man-friend's homestead in the heartland of our nation.  I have never seen or heard of a corn fritter, but when my eyes caught site of a bowl full of fried up doughballs (with a little bit of corn inside) I was giddy with laughter and lost all social propriety.

The view from the plane as we flew back to Vancouver Island!
At any rate, I'm back home now and looking forward to getting back on the straight and narrow. I actually miss vegetables. I miss my anti-cancer trinity of green leafy health-on-a-plate. I did, however, manage to fit in my cardio and weights 2 of the 4 days I was away. But I couldn't imagine a life without vegetables. That, in itself is a statement that represents much change for me as I could go days, weeks, and even months without missing them much. My God, I've only took 38 years.

This trip also made me realize just how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful, warm, sunny, happy part of the world. Our streets are clean and usually without snow. Our homes are well taken care of free of the extreme weather to beat them down. In BC, and especially on Vancouver Island, we (as a collective) have more opportunities to purchase healthy, colourful, food and walk along the waterfront without fearing for our lives or breathing in much exhaust from the traffic. Nope...there's no better cure for the "poor me" mentality than taking a trip to see how it could be. I really do take my opportunities, education, health, home, and lifestyle for granted sometimes. Not that it was hell on earth (where I was) but it was different.

Meanwhile, I have to wien myself off my burger and fries cravings and back to looking forward to veggie stir fry.  There's nothing like going to a buffet in the middle of Canada to put you off ambrosia salad and sausages for the rest of your life (not that I understood the attraction to ambrosia salad in the first place)....I'm just sayin'.

That's all I got.

PS. I did manage to see the movie "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper and highly recommend it. It motivated me to finally cut my cable and use whatever percentage of my brain to the best of my capabilities.


  1. I luv your honesty! Thank you Kathi, trips are a challenge and it's good to try and stay grounded although it's hard. Good job:)

  2. ...and I love your comments, Anon. You always make my day when I get one from you.
    Thanks for your kind are right on when you say trips are challenging (when one is trying to eat well). I wish I knew the answer but I do know that vacations aren't about fearing the deep fry....we must embrace it and let it go once we get back home.
    Have a great day!