March 7, 2011

Health at the Cellluar Level

It wasn't that long ago that this was cutting edge and
only for the wealthy! How far we have come.
Well....I finally did it! I bought myself a cell phone. I thought this mobile stuff was a fad at first and then I fought it because of all the disrespectful ways I saw people using them. Then I shunned the thought because of my fear of the bill at the end of the month.....finally I found myself shopping around for the best plan and ended up with an iPhone4. I am sheepishly reporting that I have broken the "laws of propriety" since. I have texted at the dinner table, I have answered the phone during family time, I have sat there playing with apps while I was supposed to be doing something else....I'm very very ashamed of my behaviour.

Due to my shame, I'm publicly apologizing to my sister for suggesting she has an unhealthy addiction to the social media and the technology that makes it so accessible.  I now understand how one can become a servant to the machine in your pocket. From funny ring tones and other useless gizmos, to apps that record your nutritional intake and exercise and create a fun pie chart for you to admire (or run screaming from)...these phones have it all. I think the technology is fabulous, but the threat to your social health (not to mention your emotional and physical) is standing behind every offer for app upgrades.  Is there a way we can continue to enjoy this technology without abusing it and those around us? Again, it is everything in moderation.

Since my big purchase, I have created a few rules for myself and offer them to you if you are a cell phone user. First, I will never place my phone on the dinner table (whether out for dinner or at home). The fact it is on the table makes it all that more difficult to ignore it if it rings, beeps, vibrates, or yells at you to "pick up the phone!" Second, I will always have it turned off (or on vibrate) at talks, movies, out with friends, and the like. I will never answer the phone when I am enjoying someone else's company UNLESS I'm expecting a kidney or another important organ.  Finally, I will try my very best to acknowledge human beings first and technology second. I will promise to greet and attend to the people around me before I answer the phone, text a message, or play with the bells and whistles that come with smart phones.

I know that next week, my iPhone4 will be replaced by the latest and greatest and we cannot comprehend the technology we will be using in the near future. I think it is important for our social, emotional, and physical health if we can learn to respect this technology and use it appropriately when the iImplant is ready for purchase, you will be too (I just made that up, but I wouldn't doubt we will have the option to implant a chip somewhere that will render all machines obsolete....but then I thought we would all own flying cars before 2000).

Meanwhile, I just downloaded some fabulous photog apps that I must share......check this out!

This is my man-friend's guitar. He has left it at my place for a while now. He's a recreational player and good to have around a camp fire (sans Kumbya - sp?) . I love the look of this one.

This was a prawn spring roll dinner I made last week (with peanut sauce). Very easy and very healthy. Soak the rice paper in luke warm water for 20 seconds, place thin strips of veggies, cilantro, and prawn in each and roll like you would a tortilla.  Find a sauce you enjoy and you have a healthy and fun dinner!

Yes. I'm a "cat lady". I have one 17 year old, Kato, and this is him. I love how he looks like a cartoon. Fabulous shot.

And..finally..a self-portrait. The graininess of this picture doesn't show the wrinkles as much.

So, Jaffy, if you are reading this. I am very sorry I was so critical of your interest and use of technology. I learned a valuable lesson and appreciate what can be done with tools like long as I learn to respect it. You were right and I was wrong.

That's all I got today.

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