March 18, 2011

David Granirer's take on Stigma

Today was a great day. As a health promoter, one of my "hats" is social (mental) health educator. I teach courses in suicide intervention / awareness, emotional and stress management and the like. Today was the day that the "Stand Up for Mental Health" comedy troupe came to visit the Wing. We had over 400 people present, we served them munchies, and enjoyed an afternoon of laughter and education relating to mental illness.

If you ever have the chance to see this team in action...take it! David Granirer is the founder of this group and teaches those with mental illness how to stand up in front of an audience and perform stand-up comedy. As a group they are taking the stigma out of mental illness through humour. They are brilliant and inspiring!

Thank you to all the fabulous comedians who visited us today. You are all very talented, very brave, and very very funny. Please check out the above clip from YouTube. It's worth the time.

I"m off to Regina to meet my man-friend's should be fun, but not looking forward to the -16's Spring for God sakes!


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