February 1, 2011

There's Insurance for That!

I was driving into work this morning when I heard the same radio commercial I have heard over the last few weeks and thought....I HAVE to blog about it.

This insurance company has come up with something called "Chronic Illness Insurance" (or something like that). They go on to say "You can't avoid chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, so why not support yourself and your family if (or when) you get sick?" (or something like that).  So there I was, imagining people signing up for this fabulous opportunity and paying monthly fees just in case they have a heart attack (while they live a life that is inviting a heart attack or cancer). It's hard to talk about this without coming off all judgemental, so I want to say now, that I'm in no way judging how people choose to live. I just have to comment on the irony (is that the right word?) of paying a monthly fee to insure yourself if you get sick, while you live a life that will promote you getting sick.......at least you will have the money to support your illness. But then, the research on happiness "laughs" in the face of the notion that money makes us happy. If you don't have your health, you have nothing.

Why not save your money and do a little something to manage your stress, to get more active, to eat more veggies. I, myself, am on another wave of motivation I like to refer to as "Kathi 2.0" (or would that be Kathi "Vista" or "7"?). After this past year of educating myself on healthy eating strategies and falling off the wagon over and over again. I have decided to turn it up to 11 (note the Spinal Tap reference....if you haven't seen it, rent it).

I made black bean Quinoa burgers,
but they look just like this! They
were amazing...I highly recommend them.
I made it my goal to learn to cook 5 new recipes this month. I sat and programmed my week of eating and exercise including a list of the "junkfood" options I have in case of munchies (which is a given...who are we kidding). Last night I started with Quinoa burgers. For this, and many other fabulous recipes, I suggest you go to Beth's blog (she's my new food hero) her link is...http://bethsjourney.com/. I highly recommend her blog to anyone starting out on their own "journey" to healthier eating.

ANYWAY....it is well worth the investment of time vs. money and you will be healthier for it. It would be interesting to see if this type of insurance is a hit or not.  I don't know about you, but I would rather be poor and healthy than rich and sick.

But be sure to check out Beth's Journey. She is an inspiration to those wanting to live a healthier life. In general, she has a very healthy attitude about health (as far as I can tell reading her blog) and her recipe ideas are amazing. I highly recommend the Quinoa burger. This Wednesday I'm trying the Spring Rolls with Avocado fries. I'll keep ya posted.



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