February 10, 2011

The Simple Weight Loss Facts (not secrets)

I must say, my last post on Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss really struck a cord with me and I have thought of nothing else since. Funny enough,  as I learned through my one comment (thanks for that by the way...I truly appreciated getting it), Dr. Oz had a show on this very subject, like, the day before (and, no, this was not planned...I just have an eerie sixth sense about these things...stick around and I'll read your mind for $1).  So last night I logged onto his site and watched this show (it is so cool you can do this now, I'm still not used to it) highlighting the use of hypnotherapy for weight loss. 

This guy had a PhD., had experienced his own challenges and hardships in life - coming out of it through the power of hypnosis, and was a self-proclaimed "rich" man selling his books (one entitled, "I can make you thin!"). I was sitting in anticipation of learning something new, of opening my mind to a cutting edge technique, of being challenged....I ended up just more frustrated and confused. It was as if the audience was already under a spell before they even got to the studio. He did nothing to show hypnotherapy works for weight loss except provide some testimonials (there was no research, no decent explanation, and no attention to the other reasons we gain weight). He talked about eating slowly (something nutritionists tout every day, I'm sure) and then guided the group in a visualization exercise.......that was it. All the while, the audience was ooohing and aahhhing over his wisdom and message.

It's always "system" or "secret". I think "system" sounds better.
The "diet generator" makes me think I just need to buy this machine
and all my fatty problems are over...in 11 days!

I'll tell you their secrets...
good genes, spray on
tan, and eating next to
nothing before the
photo shoot.
I always wondered if I found a catchy title promising results and charged a lot of money for my service, if I would be in a different tax bracket by now. I wish I had that in me. I wish I wasn't so .........boring in my weight loss messages. I know, that once people attend my courses and presentations, they leave feeling relieved and confident in themselves. Many decide to work with me, individually, and experience success in their weight loss (for life I might add). But I always wonder what the reader thinks when they open my blog posts entitled "Kathi's Top 5 Weight Loss Secrets" to find things they probably already know. I am never going to tell anyone if they eat or drink a specific food they will blast their fat away. It isn't that simple. Factors such as stress (cortisol can make you fat), environment, emotions, beliefs, culture, sedentary lifestyle, and much more contribute to our weight gain...many factors that cannot be "controlled" through drinking really cold water or thinking positive thoughts.

So I'm going to give you the "Simple Weight Loss Facts" (based upon decades of scientific research...I know....not sexy, but it is what it is). 

To lose fat you must consume less calories than you burn. If the body needs approximately 800 calories just to "be" (i.e. if you just sat on the couch all day) and you are taking in 1500 calories a day...you must find a way to burn over 700 to loose fat. Hint: there is 3,500 calories in ONE pound of fat (crappy, eh?). So to lose one pound of fat a week (suggested healthy weight loss rate) you have to find a way to avoid or burn (or both) 3,500 cal/ week. Try smaller servings, cutting out the empty calories, or eating more vegetables and less meat while adding 20 - 30 minutes of walking a day...that'll do it!

Don't be fooled by the promises of fast results or the offering
of secrets you may not have heard. I promise you, you have
heard it all and know everything you need to know....or your money back!
To lose fat you must move your body. Physical activity, although many try to avoid thinking about it and focus on dieting, is a necessity (and I'm not even going to get into all the health benefits it offers). The larger muscles used (i.e. the big butt muscles and leg muscles) the more calories you will burn. The rule to this is easy...if you have a bend in the knee - nothing extreme - you are using more larger muscles. So try including a little hill in your walking routine OR pick up the pace.

..........................................that's it. There is NO secret to weight loss. I'm sorry for any dissapointment this has caused.

I purposefully did not add the health benefits to various food choices (i.e. processed vs. whole foods) or the amazing benefits of physical activity. This is all about fat loss.

....buy this book and you will
learn the secrets...but don't
tell anyone else.
 So if there are any creative advertising or marketing specialists reading my blog (or anyone for that matter) who have any ideas on how to creatively get this message out (while making a few bucks at the same time)....please let me know. But I promise, you will never hear me say that one exercise, one food, one service will ever lead to weight loss. That just isn't true...(unfortunately).

How do you make the truth sexy and interesting?


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