February 13, 2011

Be Good to Your Heart

Happy Anatomically Correct Valentines Day!
 You either love it or hate it, but either way, it is Valentine's Day tomorrow (or today...whenever you are reading this). I know many people who can't stand this day due to its social pressure to conform to the practices defined in the media (you know...buy this box of chocolates, bouquet of roses, or even a diamond ring to say "i love you"). Others dislike it because it reminds them of how single they are.

I, on the other hand, really love Valentines Day. It's not because I have a manfriend to celebrate with (although that's kinda nice...don't get me wrong) but it was because, no matter what my situation, I always took the time to celebrate my friends and myself. I was single for 12 good years before meeting B and would always find some girlfriends to go to dinner with or shop with. It was a day for social health. We would crack open a few bottles of wine (I won't lie to you....we drank) and went out for some fabulous dinner in our single girl finest and had a great time celebrating.

My personal favorite. I have this on my
office wall.....
The research strongly suggests the link between health and social connection. In fact, it only takes one connection with someone to enhance one's health and even overcome illness (whether you have 1 facebook friend or 1000, it's the depth of friendship, not the amount of friends, that matters).  Studies suggest that those people who suffer a cardiac event will recover faster and have a less likelihood of another if they feel they have a connection with someone else. Conversely, those that feel isolated and alone suffer the effects of a weakened immune system ('cause that's one of the results) and will catch any new bug going around (even shorten their life depending upon their age and other circumstances).

So instead of killing yourself on the treadmill today, or spending your time in the gym...find a friend and enjoy some time socializing.  You will be healthier for it, and be giving your muscles and bones the day off to recover!

Happy V-Day! I love you guys...you're the best readers ever!


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