January 29, 2011

The Race to Save Face

This is what it looks like in the brochure....
of course in reality, it is a little different.
I'm writing today as I sit on a slightly uncomfortable futon (no...it's completely uncomfortable) next to a wood burning stove overlooking the ocean in an A frame cabin on the island of Saltspring. I have had one of those Saturdays with my manfriend where you sleep late (well...I'll be honest, we didn't really sleep late...), eat a leisure brunch of eggs and coffee and stroll through the shops of one of those quaint little towns you see in the movies. I have my favorite shops and visit them when I'm here. I end up loading up on homemade chocolate, magazines such as "The Skeptic" and "Mental Floss" (my favorite is Donna Hay). We visit the cutest little store on the other side of the island for their Indian imports and end the day in our favorite restaurant to share dinner and wine. To top it off, we get in the hot tub and sit by the fire with a glass of red and a plate full of chocolate (although right now, I'm blogging because my manfriend fell asleep on the futon next to me).

A great Saturday of rest and relaxation. But that's not why I'm blogging....

We are staying at one of those resort/spas where you can spend your paycheck on facial scrubs and seaweed wraps and hot stone massages. They sell detox treatments and everything else you can imagine for a very pretty penny.  Don't get me wrong, I love the massages and afternoons in the steam room. I'm a big fan of the hydra spa and sauna. It's a healthy way to spend your day. The thing that got me was the fact that we spend all this money for save our faces from aging and toxins; from creams that defy our age to treatments that promise to erase the years off our face...only to go home and pig out on processed food.

Wouldn't it be less expensive and more effective if we just drank water, ate whole foods, sweated everyday, exercised to get the oxygenated blood to our skin, and got our 8 hours of sleep a night??????

I"m just sayin'.

Gotta go...he's moving.


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