December 6, 2010

Losing Fat over Forty Sucks!

I remember, not that long ago, being able to combine exercise with somewhat-healthy eating and lose the few pounds I wanted to lose without much effort. I also didn't think all those complaints I heard about aging would ever happen to me. For some reason, I was going to aging without....aging. What the hell was I thinking?

...even hearing loss
isn't a problem.
I'm 42 now and can deal with the wrinkles and gray hairs and even the creaking joints (God, I sound 85) but when I make the effort to eat a well-balanced diet predominantly based on vegetables and exercise 1-1.5 hours per day with a few days off per week, I expect to be rewarded for my efforts with less wobbly bits.

And here lies the problem. I KNOW better than to equate success with weight loss. I talk about it all the time. The objective of this post is to air my own dirty laundry out for all to see. No matter what you is so much harder to practice. So first things first....self analysis.

Seriously? How could I say no?
Have I been eating a healthy diet rich in veggies? Yes, but....a few desserts may have fallen in there somehow. Perhaps some nachos and cheese got mixed up in it all and maybe (when I wasn't looking) some mini chocolate bars jumped in. Stupid willpower. I have none. If I'm at all serious about my goals, I have to get serious about my eating habits.

Recently I learned that the definition of insane or crazy is doing the same thing over and over and over again with the expectation of a different result. Based upon this definition, I'm crazy. I eat a plate of nachos (mmmmm.....nachos) and steel a few of those fabulous mini chocolate bars (maybe more than a few) and still expect the scale to represent a healthy diet. I blame it on that internal voice that tells me it's's just one mini chocolate won't make a difference. The same voice will tell me the same thing over and over again until I wake up from my chocolate-coma to see a mound of wrappers in front of me (of course this is a dramatic depiction for effect, but you get the idea).

It's not that I crave or think about junk food all the time. In fact, I crave vegetables and fruit more. But when it is in front of me I lose my urge to resist. So what is to be done with someone lacking the "willpower" (I hate that word) to resist temptation? oooh  I know this one................could it be action planning to overcome barriers to success? Bingo!

It is really this simple.
 So, I have gone back to the beginning and will create my own personal action plan to represent the lapses in judgement I have been experiencing lately. It may be as simple as making a list of healthy snack options (edemame, homemade popcorn without butter, pomegranate, fruit salads, veggies and dip, and the like) and keep them in the house at all times. Things like consistent grocery shopping or removal of any "suggestive" food items may take me away from my objective will also be put into practice.

It isn't as easy as it once was. As we age (especially women) our hormonal changes play a big role in our weight loss. It will take a lot more effort to lose the pounds than it once did and that, in itself, may be the barrier that gets in the way of your success. I continue to keep health in the forefront of my mind and continue with my personal promise to not let the goal of weight loss get the best of me. However, at times, it does get a little disheartening....I have to admit.

So for myself, I will make an effort to learn from my experiences, create action plans that will help to overcome barriers, and continue my pledge to eat a healthy diet predominantly based upon vegetables and fruit.  As far as the exercise, although I have been consistent, I will be changing my program around to include more resistance training and a renew focus on cardiovascular strength. As far as making it a habit, I already have that down. If you haven't formed that habit yet and wish to...there are many blogs here that provide you with the steps to take for life long physical activity. I highly recommend them....although I may be bias.

God, I hope the little guy made it.
For those that are able to relate to my situation, what will you do? If what you are doing now is not meeting your goals, what are you going to do to change things around? Behaviour change takes time and goals, objectives, and plans do need revisiting and tweeking once in a while. Re-affirming your desire and committment to your goal(s) is a very important step towards success. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading.

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