December 1, 2010

Contour Your Body and Lose 20 Inches by Christmas!

I have a toilet plunger at home.
Would that work?
This is what I heard on the radio as I was driving into work this morning.  I know, it's Christmas and people want to squeeze into their party clothes, but come on! Haven't we heard or tried enough of these weight loss gimmicks. What they are selling is hope...hope that this is the final answer to fat loss. But you know what happens in the end. Sure, you may lose the promised 20 inches by Christmas (20 inches of water, air, or even part of your soul) but no matter what...I can guarantee that you will soon rediscover these inches by the end of January (if not sooner). Why waist (get it....waist) the money, the time, and the energy hoping for the final answer to fat loss? Why?

I guess the only drawback would be
extreme cleanliness.
THEN...get this...I am sitting on the couch, minding my own business and watching the local news when all of a sudden there is this clip on the latest and greatest weight loss (or shall I say cellulite loss...which by the way is a term made up by those companies who want to sell you cream...but I digress) machine that will zap that "disgusting" cottage-cheese off your thighs.  They even had two women standing in their underwear showing their personal collection of cottage-cheese and saying "I have tried everything...I exercise everyday and watch what I eat and still can't get rid of it...once you get doesn't go away!".......................You wanna know what I say to that????   Bull-oh-nee.  It has been through my 20 years of experience working with people that I can say that. Everyone I talk to reports healthy eating, but as soon as I assign the dreaded homework of recording what they eat for one week, they soon come to terms with the realism of their diet. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not passing judgement at all. I think my past posts represent that well (I hope). I just want people to get real (pardon the Dr. Phil reference) about their own choices and behaviour. Awareness is the key to change. I think it is hardwired in our DNA to take the path of least resistance. If there is a faster and pain-free way to lose fat AND if I don't have to say no to cheesecake and chips, I'm going to do it! (well..not ME in particular...ME in general). The danger, in my opinion - and the opinions of the health researchers - of taking the low road to weight loss is "you" end up forgoing daily exercise and focus less on veggie eating and, in the end, you end up sick, weak, old looking, and grumpy....but your ass will look fantastic!
Um...ya...if you think this is
gross...learning how they
removed these tiny creatures
would make you go blind.

January 1st is coming up fast and there will be more and more weight loss commercials and programs heading your way. This is the perfect time to exercise your critical thinking skills and .."just say no" to weight loss gimmicks. The only (and I mean only) path to life long weight management and/or weight loss is a healthy combination of a diet based upon vegetables and supported by the other food groups (as represented in our food guides), a focus on portion size and whole, non-processed foods, coupled with a safe exercise program that includes cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening. 

Finally, there is only one rule to consider when you are looking to drop a few.........ready for it?..................
....calories in = calories out. In other words, if you eat 2000 cal. a day and your body (just by being alive) needs approximately 800 calories a day just to breathe, process, and do all it does to keep you alive (as an example), you are looking at a storage of (oh's hard for me....wait a tick..) 1200 calories (whew). Did you know it takes 3500 calories to make one pound of fat (ya..I know...depressing isn't it, but whatever) So you can see how, without burning extra calories during your day through additional physical activity, things can start adding up.

Out of coffee? Perhaps you could boil
these down in a pinch......
That is the secret to weight loss...not vibration plates, or caffeine tights, or hemp pills (I haven't heard that one..but I'm sure it's out there).  Yes, change is hard but aren't those challenges the best kind?  Won't you feel so much better about yourself knowing that you did it the healthy way and now can look forward to a life without a muffin top? ...not that you have one... I'm just sayin'..

That's all.

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