December 12, 2010

Christmas Light Show - The Griswalds got nothin' on these guys...

Due to the fact, I haven't posted a blog in a while (more coming this week), I thought I would search out one of my fav Christmas clips.

If you aren't in the Christmas mood at the moment...check this out. No matter what mood I am in...when I watch this clip, I smile and begin to chair dance. It could be the old aerobics instructor in me...(you can take the girl out of aerobics class, but you can't take the aerobics class outta the girl).

Perhaps this week I will examine the marashino cherry (is that how you spell marashino?) or the pros and cons of fruit cake or maybe how egg nog is made (is egg nog one word or two?).

Until then...have a great Sunday, watch "Elf", and have a nap.

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