November 17, 2010

Those Pesky Life Assessments Can Be a Pain in the Ass

Another brilliant movie by Monty Python
Call it a "life assessment" or a "spiritual awakening" it's pretty much the same scenario. You walk around the world for days, months, and even years with a feeling of dread or sadness that you can't explain. You may try a vacation or a self-help book or even a good day at the mall, but no matter how many fabulous shoes you have or how great you look, you still can't shake the feeling....something's missing.

This topic comes to mind after going to see the movie "Hereafter" last night (brilliantly directed by Clint Eastwood...I'm a huge fan of his movies). I won't spoiling it for anyone, but I have to say, it raised a few thoughts in my head. Although the subject matter revolved around life after death, it also highlighted (for me) the lack of depth in many who go about their day without a thought deeper than which cell phone to buy next year or how much should they put into RRSPs. 

Been there; done that!
 I wonder how many people are walking the earth in a zombie-like state, numb to their true feelings, and medicating through alcohol, food, shopping, Internet gaming and other distractions.  I, myself, went through a period of self-medication when I was overeating and overshopping and even drinking to excess to avoid dealing with the crappy stuff. I also went through many periods of life assessments which lead to a feeling I can only define with the statement..."Oh my God, what have I done and how the hell can I change it?"  This related to being in a marriage I didn't want, working in a profession I didn't want to be in, and generally living a life I didn't want altogether. Crap. I had some work to do.

I think many of us fear asking the big questions because of the answers we may uncover. If we admit to ourselves we aren't happy, there is an immediate need or desire to rectify the situation. However, if we keep ourselves busy with work, family, and other commitments (sure, we may complain about our "busy-ness") we don't have to think about anything let alone asking ourselves stupid questions like that. We "have no time" for it. The number one reason behind behaviour time (we sure do make time when we have to go for chemo treatments and radiation therapy though...).

Those pesky life assessments can be a pain in the ass, but are so rewarding in the long run.  If you are lucky, you will reach (insert your "older age" here - mine is 50 at the moment) you can arrive at that age happy, content, and passionate about your life, or you can arrive angry, hopeless, sad, regretful, and dependant. What you do now will directly affect how you experience your "older age" later.

Don't cha just hate it when this happens?
 Everyone wants to be happy. I believe those who posses true happiness aren't those with the house, the car, the six figure income or the youthful and sexy body, but those who know who they are, have a connection with the world, and are passionate about their contributions to life. If you want that too, my first suggestion would be to still yourself - a still body results in a still mind - and ask yourself the biggest question of all....Am I happy? If the answer leans towards the negative, do what you have to to find out why. Visualize the perfect life (where are you, who are you with, what do you do, how do you feel) and action plan your way to that life. Write it down and plan it out. What do you have to change? How can you work with what you have to get what you need/want?

What I am suggesting isn't easy. It may take a lifetime to get through and many don't even go there (and I don't blame them). But if you are feeling "off" and ready for a change, this may be the perfect time to consider the above. .............Of course, you do realize that this type of personal reflection / work can lead to life long weight loss, healthier looking skin and hair, increased energy and immune system function, and is one of the best anti-aging remedies going.

...I'm just sayin.......


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