November 29, 2010

Real Life Health on Vacation

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "vacation" very simply as ..."to treat with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease" wait....that's vaccination. Oops. A vacation is "...the act of leaving a place". However, in the case of going to Mexico for a quick and easy vacation...both definitions work well.

I sit in my humble home office once again, looking forward (yes...looking forward) to going back to work tomorrow as I was a little home / work-sick while I was away. Don't get me wrong, I completely enjoyed the sun, the ocean, the adventures, the time with my people and I did find myself not thinking about behaviour change for a solid 15-20 hours at least...but after a good head shake and bitch-slap, I smartened up. I didn't miss my office much (although I really missed the glorious smile of my hardworking administrative assistant), but I certainly missed my work. I love what I do. I think it is because of this, I don't need much time away from it to want to go back.

Here they are...golden discs of
At any rate, I'm heading back to it tomorrow. I start eating healthy again (not that I didn't but near the end there I walked past the veggies and directly to the fries and chicken nuggets. Yes, I am a closeted chicken nugget addict). I'm also getting back to the workouts and the 8 hours (God willing) of sleep.

I had a very insightful comment on my last blog (thank you, Anon) about the ability to enjoy a vacation without thinking that the muffin top you got rid of will make a comeback or you will loose all the fitness gains you made before you left. Although it maybe nice to include the four food groups in each meal and exercise every day, real life health (in my opinion) is about spending time with family and friends and enjoy time away from the usual once in a while. If, while on vacation, you can't relax until you have your morning gym time or are antsy or worried about eating well or the fat you will may want to revisit your definition of health. It may be that your fear of fat or fitness loss is controlling you more than you care to admit.

This was great (in theory) but all
hell broke loose when I saw the
fries, nuggets, and pizza! It's nice
to have goals anyway.....
Ya...I started out on a pretty "healthy" foot in the beginning of the week. I set out a goal of a colourful plate, but in the end it was all beige.  I ate fries, chicken nuggets, pepperoni pizza, and even a real hot dog without much guilt (none actually). I even made a daily trip to the ice cream machine for a cone (just to keep up my daily intake of calcium...gotta keep those bones strong).  I did manage to visit the gym twice, but opted for boogie boarding instead. I came home (feeling) about 10 lbs heavier, but who the hell cares... The best part of real life health is the ease of falling back into old (and healthy) behaviours.  There will always be times of gluttony or opulence; it is how you bounce back from it that matters the most (in my humble opinion). I know of people (ironically most of them are in the health profession) that are so fearful of gaining weight they abstain from socializing. That isn't health...that is a self-control that will lead to sadness, lonliness, and chronic illness. The beauty of life long healthy habits is you can completely deviate off your path knowing that you will find your way easily and without challenge when you are ready......whoa...the room is spinning...I must be going through ice cream cone withdrawal. I'm back to work, back to exercise, back to a diet full of veggies and looking forward to a month of baking and Holiday parties. As IF I won't be blogging about that!

That's all I got.

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