November 23, 2010

A Lesson in Mexican

There are no words...

 I'm live on location at a beautiful resort in Mexico....(actually on vacation)..and shouldn't even be on a computer (hello, my name is Kathi and I have a blog addiction). Whatever. I couldn't stop writing blogs in my head as I went through the woods (do they call them woods in mexico?) in an old German army truck (I'm still stiff from head to toe after that one).

The view from the back....

The tour guide was fabulous as she took us through the history of Mexico. Although I have been here twice already, I never truly understood it until yesterday...I still don't really understand, but I had my eyes opened a bit anyway.

Salsa and Guac, from scratch, eaten under
a thatched roof in an open kitchen!
 If you have been here, you will know that it appears to be an impovershed country at first glance. However, after hearing the low rates of chronic disease and high rates of happiness here, it is pretty hard not to think the Mexicans have really got it going on. Did you know that Peurto Vallarta has a 98% employment rate? Obviously, the rate of crime is way down. Their diet is completely healthy as they feast on non-processed, whole foods of fruits and vegetables. This excursion offered us nothing but healthy options (minus the odd tequila shot here and there....I had no part in that).

As we drove back to the resort, I noticed a North American jogger running past a few Mexicans on the side of the road (his face all contorted and sweaty as he pushed through the heat to obtain that fitness goal of enhanced resting heart rate and fabulous quads - I'm judging....sorry). As he passed these men, they watched him go by with complete amazement and awe.  As I learned from our guide, the average daily earnings are approximately $5-8/ day. The average annual salary is about 7K. They don't have much money for cars, computers, even face creams...they may share the cost of cable, but they are pretty much working to eat and be safe and warm at night.  Are they thinking of getting their daily run in? Probably was an interesting paradox (is that the right word????)

One of many colourful and interesting
road-side markets. The hanging fruit
"...had me at hello!"
 The kicker, for me, is the high rate of happiness among the Mexicans. They are a happy and pleasant people. I think I'm falling in love with them and how they live. I certainly can learn a ton from them (and feel kinda ridiculous in my own work as a health promoter).

Anyway, that's all I have today. Tonight my lova and I are taking a boat trip to an island for a secluded candle light dinner on the beach....there's nothing like this life (at least for a week...I'm sure by then, I'll be craving the high-paced, go go go, atmosphere of my small town).



  1. Oh I can't wait! one more sleep before we go and I am so happy to hear it won't kill me to keep up some fitness level. Although I want to try things I don't want the last 7.5 lbs I lost coming back! Thanks Kathy, I appreciate your blogging while away, it helps and to know I can buy Almond tequila even better!! Priceless!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Anon;
    Don't get me wrong...I gained about 5lbs away. But the beauty of "Real Life" health is we know that once we get back into our old behaviours, we will lose it without even making an effot.
    As far as the tequila HAVE to visit a distillerey (sp) and pick up some good quality tequila!!!
    Happy travels and don't worry about your fitness's one glorious week out of your life!