November 29, 2010

Dude...Where's My iPod?

Remember those seven dwarfs in Disney's Snow White (...and the seven dwarfs)? Remember that song "Whistle While You Work"?...or something to that effect. I didn't realize, until very recently, how frickin smart those small cartoon-people were. You could take the worst possible task and, when combined with your most treasured play list, time would fly and your job would be done before you could sing the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Music is never so important as it is when paired with exercise. To me, the definition of hell is 60 minutes of cardio without it.  So, you could probably imagine the horror on my face and the emptiness in my heart when I realized I had lost my beloved iPod and was facing the daunting task of musicless cardio. 
The use of music in exercise isn't new but many people still don't choose to exploit it.  In fact, studies have shown that those who exercise to music have a higher level of enjoyment and get more out of their program - more bang for their buck. They work harder and have more energy just by exercising to their favorite songs. In addition to this, those that bounce to a beat have a higher rate of adherence to their exercise program than those that do it ......beatless.  If you are trying to find a way to keep coming back to the bike or stair climber or treadmill, try on a pair of ear buds and create a play list or CD that includes that music that gets you moving on those days when you would rather flop on the sectional with a bowl of corn and a movie. I can guarantee you will not only enjoy your workout, but you will work harder than you have before and look forward to the next time (vs. dreading it more than a root canal by a second year dental student).

The Resort Monkey
Anyway....back to me. The fact I'm looking at a few weeks (at least) without my personal motivator blows goats in the biggest way possible.  Perhaps somewhere in Mexico there is a resort employee dancing to the fine melody of Michael Jackson's greatest whilst making a bed or cleaning a bathtub.  Wherever it is, and whoever is enjoying it, I'm sure it has gone to a good home.....unless that damn resort monkey got a hold of it.......stupid monkey (kidding...he was totally cute!)

That's all I got.

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