October 25, 2010

Taking a Bite of Humble Pie...

I'm posting from a military base in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In the middle of nowhere, away from my island, away from my life, and (until recently) was quite bitter about it. I have to admit, I walked into this training with a bit of a chip on my shoulder and confidence in my own expertise as a exercise specialist. What was I going to learn that I didn't already know? How dare they pull me from my work just to sit all day and listen to a review?

Not only was I humbled by the experiences and education around the table, I learned more in one morning than I did in years. Instead of griping about my time being wasted, I was intent on listening to every comment and story related to the experiences of the military. The subject was on injury prevention and the topic of the moment was related to the work related demands of the military member. I am in awe of what they are expected to do. But this post isn't about that...it's about humility.

I do believe humility is healthy and, in small doses, can humble you and help you see yourself as a part of the bigger picture and not the center of the universe.  It was certainly a great exercise in bigger picture thinking and one that was worth the trip. There are many professionals that do proclaim their expertise and shun opposing views. Medical doctor's (at times) shun alternative health practices, academics (at times) may shun alternative views to their findings. Professionals in the same field (at times) their colleagues. We all think we know what we know.

I'm starting to think we don't know anything. We think we do, but we can't know what we don't know.....you know? If you want a more detailed overview of this point, check out the movie "What the Bleep do We Know?"  It is a brilliant look at quantum physics and challenges everything we think is "real".

...so that's all I have for tonite. It's late, the room is filled with military men (talking very loudly and in heavy French accents) and, to be honest, I'm looking forward to retiring to my scantly furnished "bunker" and watch trash TV until I fall asleep.

I hope this post made sense. I think the Winnipeg air is getting to my brain.

That's all I got.

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