October 22, 2010

Loose weight NOW! Ask me how!

Driving through my home town of Victoria, BC, I would often notice posters stapled to the power poles along the street exclaiming..."Loose weight now! Ask me how!"  I often wondered who was behind such advertising and if they ran a successful weight loss business.

The idea for this post came after my Wednesday night "Weight Wellness" course when, as I was packing up to leave, a participant told me all about this great book she was reading written by a Canadian women who, in her 40s, lost over 100 lbs.  This woman is now a fitness competitor and author of a series of books detailing how she did it and promising that "you" could do it too! As I drove home, I couldn't get this comment out of my mind. By the time I reached the couch, I was feeling completely dumbfounded over the reality that the general population will be seduced by promises of weight loss - written or presented by those who have lost pounds and pounds of weight - over sound, current, well researched, information and strategies that will actually lead them to the goal of life long weight loss. Why? Why is it that the experience of someone loosing a ton of weight (think "Biggest Looser") overrides the support provided by those that are able to support, coach, and provide what is necessary to ensure fat loss success for a life time? Is it packaging? Is it the seduction of hope presented through before and after shots? Should I gain and lose 100lbs so I, too, can gain the notoriety and respect of all who seek salvation?
Does this motivate? Remember, this is
her present and not her future situation.

I have (and still) lead courses that include information on healthy eating, shopping smart, label reading, pphysical activity, the psychology of change, strategies to get you there, goal setting, barriers to success, and reasons why we haven't succeeded in the past. In addition, you walk away with record keeping books, pedometers, inventories, goal setting sheets, food guides, personal physical activity programs that are easy to implement and promote injury prevention. I could go on and on.....  but my courses are not full. People will still choose weight watchers, nutri-system, and the like. They will pay a huge sum of money to attend meetings and coaching sessions that, in the long run, will not get them to where they want to be. Why? I don't have enough time to cover it here, but I will say that the research is there to suggest that programs focused on loosing weight are less successful over time than programs focused on health (that lead to weight loss in the long term).

So that's my blog for today. I have a great product to sell and I know that if one decided to follow the guidelines I have created (via education, experience, and research) for long term weight loss, you would be  successful. I can't, however, compete with the glossy, sexy, fitness model on the hard-cover of the latest weight loss book and I refuse to play the superficial game of "you, too, could look like me in just 2 easy steps!". I just want to share what I know in a way that is supportive, helpful, and personal (and fun) to you.

Nothing will replace common sense (as much as we try to sell it). No pill, diet, berry, shoe, tea, rub, or (insert new weight loss gimmick here) will deliver weight loss for life. Until we embrace the reality of calories in = calories out, we will always be chasing the dragon.

You can spend money on books or time on change.

That's all I have to say....about that (Forest Gump).


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