October 27, 2010

Everyone Loves the Fatty Subject...

My trip has almost come to an end as I enter this post sitting at a Bread Garden at the Vancouver Airport...eating almond M&Ms and looking up at the occasional stressful, odd, and noteworthy traveller. You gotta love free Wi Fi!
I have been blogging now for 6 months now. I have over 100 posts and (at least) a few readers now (although they remain anonymous....I know they are out there).  Through this brilliant blogger site, I am able to access my blog stats. I can find out how many times my pages have been accessed and what is the most popular subject. You will NEVER guess what topics have had the most hits? You guessed it! The topic of choice is fat, weight loss, diet, and everything related. I have had more hits on "secrets to losing weight" than any other. Okay...she will NEVER make her flight in those heels.....

So this got me thinking....and I have been thinking about it for over a few weeks now. Although I love the subject myself, I find the underpinnings related to weight loss also very interesting and important. But it doesn't look like many others do. In my opinion (through experience and education) the most important subjects relating to successful weight loss include; emotional awareness, social connectedness, addiction free living,and even spiritual well-being. Without these considerations, I don't believe one can achieve fat loss for a lifetime. So why is it we skip over the boring stuff and hit the diet and exercise with the same passion as two virgins on their wedding night?

I guess that is a rhetorical question as I do understand why we do. Most of those I have met with weight loss goals aren't willing or ready to hit the hard stuff. That is, to get into the real reasons why they do the things they do. Weight loss is hard in the short term, but even harder in the long term. Why do you think most of us gain it all back? It isn't because we forgot how to do it? Damn.....I just ate the last M&M...that completely blows goats.

This is what happened to my M&Ms....
I don't blame anyone for their lack of interest in the other subjects. I don't blame anyone for NOT wanting to spend the time it does take to plan, shop, and prepare healthful meals coupled with daily exercise. I do, however, get a tad frustrated (albeit caring and empathetic) when they verbalize their frustrations around not losing weight. There appears to be a disconnect between what we feel we need to do and what we actually have to do......there goes a nun rushing for a plane...cool.

So that's all I have for now. However, my flight to the island isn't for another 2 hours and I have created a list of subjects on my trip to blog about......okay...that guy gave me the weirdest look. I need a wedding ring!!!! ......that goes out to ....you know who you are.

Right...I'm outtie!

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