October 18, 2010

Does this shoe make my butt look tighter?

Seriously? If I buy that shoe my legs will firm up and my butt will be tighter? Come on!

Dont' get me wrong...there's
nothing wrong with this shoe.

It seems that all the big name brands are coming out with a new toning shoe for those unsightly calves, thighs, and butts. Their design gives hope to the hopeless and, interestingly, markets to the female legs and not the males....I have yet to see a man wearing these shoes, have you?  At any rate, the shoes aren't the problem, the promises are. Anything that promises you tight abs, toned legs, more hair where you want it and less where you don't, needs to be critically analysed. Let's face it, if there was a shoe that made my legs look like hers (note pretty picture to left) do you think I wouldn't be walking around looking like a human teeter-totter too?

Aren't they sexy? These babies could stop traffic!
The first time I saw this toning shoe advertised I was taken back to a time in the 70's where you saw everyone wear Dr. Scholl's to tighten and shape sagging calf muscles. I hated those shoes...they always fell off. I obviously had the wrong type of calf muscle to wear them. They were terribly unattractive and, in the end, didn't deliver what it promised.

So what's so different about this shoe? Ready for it? Absolutely nothing. I was trying to keep hopeful about this one, but couldn't hold back my tendency to analyse and question. Now I have the first stages of the research to back me up. Save your money, buy a good pair of running shoes that support you, and go for a walk...THAT will tone up your legs.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently released an independent study (meaning there was no bias or $ coming from certain companies) from the University of Wisconsin. They found no evidence that suggested these shoes burned more calories or improved muscular strength. You can obtain the promised benefits from your "normal" walking/running shoes. Be aware that the companies may advertise studies that support this shoe, but these studies are paid for by the shoe company or other interested parties. The study mentioned above is one of the first independent studies and should be seriously considered.

This one's pretty. It's called a "health shoe".
Won't be too healthy if you tip over.
One good thing that comes from purchasing these shoes is exercise motivation. If these shoes motivate you to go for a walk that is great! Be aware, however, these are walking shoes and should never be used for running or any other type of group fitness activity.

Finally, I highly recommend people to avoid being the first in line for the latest and greatest exercise gimmick. Wait for the studies (cause they will be a comin') and chances are good that you will save your money, time, hope, and potential injury.

 That's all I got.

PS. Comments, stories, jokes, feedback, haiku's, analogies, or anything else would be appreciated so I don't feel so alone out in cyberspace.

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