September 23, 2010

To Train Naked?

Did you know the origin of the word "gymnasium" came from the Greek term gymnos which means (if you can believe this)..naked. Yup...uh huh..that's right...athletes used to train...naked.  It's no wonder that fear is struck in the hearts of many when asked about their own gymnasium experiences.  Which brings me to another venue that always leaves the novice exerciser feeling sick to the stomach...the weight room.

Although resistance training can be done anywhere, the common belief one must walk into the room filled with exercise equipment resembling various forms of torture machines from the dark ages still remains.  The intimidation factor is high as one walks into a room filled with sweat, grunts, and muscles (hey..that would be a great name for a gym).

The importance of resistance training for fat loss is just being understood now (publicly anyway). Instead of sweating your bum off on the stairmonster, try adding a few exercises that build up lean tissue. This, as it turns out, revs up the metabolism so you burn more calories just sitting in a chair eating nachos and drinking beer (not that there's anything wrong with that).

For those of you who have already perfected the diet (smaller portion sizes and whole foods) and get at least 60 minutes of accumulative or continuous physical activity a day for five days a week, listen up.  Now it's time to add a little resistance to your life. I usually suggest starting slow (maybe two days per week to start) and just a few exercises. A push up works the chest, the triceps, and the front of the shoulder. A seated row with a band or a bent over row with a weight is great for the upper back, biceps, and back of shoulder.  Follow this with a squat (just pretend you are peeing in a'll get the idea). I haven't included pictures or detailed information on form and technique so PLEASE refer to a fitness trainer for more details on that. This is purely for informational purposes (and intriguing, exciting, information at that).

....just kidding
 It is very important to find a personal trainer (one with the appropriate certification - see older post on in fitness leadership for details) to help you with form and technique. Once you have this down you are on your way to enhanced strength, resting metabolism, and a cuter bum (come one, let's face know you waaaaant it).

Remember, two days a week to start with a rest in between (at least 48 hours). Once you have got the habit for over a month...go ahead and add.

Any know I'm here...waiting....patiently.....kinda lonely.....don't worry about me..I'll be okay.


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