September 30, 2010

Nothing New to Report...yet

Hello. I'm writing tonite from a very fancy hotel in Vancouver. Being the dedicated blogger I am, and know that my many readers would be so dissapointed that I didn't post anything today (I applying the Law of Attraction here..) I am offering a quickie. But fear not, I took lotsa notes to refer to when I get back to real life.

I am half way through (or half way started....more positive that way?) a heatlh and wellness conference.
One I have been wanting to attend for 14 years (since its' birth).  Unfortunately, besides one very impactful prez on mental health (presented by a woman who shared her story of 20 battling depression) I have to admit, I'm dissapointed so far. There is nothing new to report.

In fact, I'm a the fact that most of what I have heard deals with health reaction and treatment. I haven't heard much on prevention. The keynote was typical; talking about "out of the box" thinking without attending to the fact that workplace culture plays such a huge role. The speaker following outlined the process of the Law of Attraction without presenting on underlying assumptions. I'm not one for "corporate speak" myself, but that's just me. I'm feeling like a bit of a child admist all the adults to be honest (albeit a 42 year old child).

I'm trying to be positive and I look forward to tomorrow's sessions, but at this moment, I'm a little scared that there isn't much in the way of "underbelly" thinking. Underbelly thinking flips over what we have been doing and examines the pink (and sometimes sludgey) underbelly of practice. Let's challenge the crap out of what we think we kinow. Let's find new ways of doing things...cause I'm tellin ya...we aren't winning any prizes with what we are doing now (in the way of behaviour change....oh there's lotsa prizes being won based upon innovative creation but not alot in the way of life long behaviour change). We just don't have the answers. Wouldn't that be a novel presentation....

So I'll keep ya posted because I know you are just hanging onto the edge of your seat wondering how it is all going to turn out. Now I must drag my butt to the hotel gym.....God...if there was just a pill you could take (kidding..........................................sort of).

I'm screaming on the inside as I would rather flop onto the overstuffed,
 hotel bed, get lost in all the fancy pillows, and watch mindless TV.

That's all I got.


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