August 26, 2010

Weight Loss Isn't About Health as Much as Fitting In

This is the thought that hit me as I walked down the hallway at work yesterday. I've been stewing on it since. Lately, I have been working on a presentation I am giving in Vancouver in September.

My topic is on "Fear of Fat". I have been scouring the literature, pulling up pop-culture magazines, googling images of "fat", "obesity", "fitness", and the like. What I have collected isn't news to me, but the message I'm going to convey has gained in strength.
The fact is, there is no study (to this point) that demonstrates a direct link between overweight, obesity, and chronic disease, cancer, and death. All the longitudinal studies done on thousands of people all over the world point to the same conclusion (get ready for goes against everything we have believed); an individual with a BMI between 23 - 29 has a greater life expectancy than those under or over that measure. Now, keep in mind, the health promoters have been suggesting a BMI of 18 - 24 for "health". In fact, those that are within these measures have demonstrated lower life expectancy. In other words, the leaner you are the greater risk!!!!!

Whew...I'm exhausted. I just overdid it there. I need to rest. I will keep you thinking about that (all one of my readership) and will conclude tomorrow....


Note: BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This is a "measurement" that suggests healthy or not based upon your height and weight. It's complete garbage when used alone (I think even when used with other measures..but what do I know?).

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