August 16, 2010

Weighing in on my progress...part three

So...if you have just joined us, I made a commitment to eating whole, unprocessed, and healthy while watching serving sizes to loose a few pounds.  With a goal of a 20 pound loss without abusing exercise, I set out creating a healthy combination of healthy eating and physical activity.  My last report was all about falling of that wagon, but I did manage to get back on and continue. It takes a bit of focus and planning, but it is getting me in the kitchen and trying new things (see post below).

It is now the other end of August and I am happy to report that I am eating well and enjoying exercise (although I may be doing more than I set out to do). I have rehabbed a few injuries, have added 30 minutes of stretching a day, and feeling very energetic.  I am, however, at a standstill on the scale and that is what I wish to report on.

I am presenting a seminar tomorrow on "Weight Management Over 40" and as I get prepared, I am in the research and learning a lot about hormonal changes as we age. Boy, I'm tellin' seems near to impossible to loose anything but patience as we try to compete with these hormones.  For example, last week I exercised faithfully every day, ate cleanly everyday and gained one pound. Now I realize that this is probably due to water retention, hormonal changes etc...but what the hell? There is nothing more frustrating than making change without the change.....but....

This is where it is important to remember WHY I am doing this. I am making these changes for health and life long adherence.  Yes, I want to maintain a weight I am comfortable with and, therefore, I am focused on loosing weight but if/when I do fall back or gain weight, I will be focused on getting back to it without the drama or despair. If the scale never changes again, I can honestly say I would be happy and healthier for it as I continue doing what I am doing. If I placed all my happiness and feelings of success on the number, I would seriously be hitting the ice cream and chocolate sauce.

In addition to this, I would also like to add how important it is to celebrate those little milestones when you reach them. However, instead of celebrating pounds lost, why not celebrate behaviour change success. For example, if you set out to eat more vegetables and exercise 3 times during the week, celebrate the achievement of these goals vs. the weight changes you may see.

They are just little things to consider, but they may make a big difference in your pursuit of life long changes. A focus on weight will produce less chance of success than a focus on health.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to loose fat.  There is something wrong when one is obsessed with scale to the point of living by it. That won't lead to a high quality of life...guaranteed.

Have a great day.

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