August 20, 2010

Living a balanced life? ......Whatever!

I finally went to see the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" with most of the women from my town (I believe only 5 men were in the audience).  First off, may I just say that those critics who have panned this movie must have no soul, no depth, no capacity to ask themselves the bigger questions, or have had little to no life experience.  Yes, the movie was a little "Hollywood cheesy" but it also offered a few things to think about (if you were able to separate the glam-factor from the wisdom). It completely had my attention the entire time having had the experience of walking away from a marriage I didn't want and spending a year of "self-examination" a few years ago. I got it and it wasn't just "bump sticker speak".

ANYWAY...there was a point in the movie that hit the hardest (that I didn't see in the book) and I couldn't wait to blog about it. Our star of the movie was in search for balance and peace. During her last three months, she was feeling as though balance was attained and continued to practice morning meditation and daily visits to her "mentor" for guidance and wisdom. Then (of course) a man walked into the picture. All practice and maintenance went out the window as she fell madly in lust/love. For fear of loosing everything she has worked for, she ended the relationship.

For me, this was the most interesting point of the movie. I know people like this (and probably was a person like this). We work towards a balance in our mind, body and spirit and when we feel we are on the road to success or have truly attained it, life takes us in another direction. My personal definition of "wellness" has always included having enough self-awareness to know when you are not well (or imbalanced) and doing what it takes to get back.  The point the movie made was life will never be in balance and perhaps that IS the definition of balance. Relationships will take our attention elsewhere and we may deviate from our personal health practice, but aren't they the meaning of life? Why would you cocoon yourself in the name of balance and push others away for fear they will threaten that balance?

I have a friend who has admitted she is fearful to date as she may gain weight going out for dinners and such. She sticks to her strict regime of food that borders ritualistic and, while she has the body she wants, she isn't sharing herself with anyone.  That's not wellness, balance, or living in my opinion. That is a good pursuit gone bad. 

As far as "Eat, Pray, Love" is concerned, take a break from the violence, sex, swearing, aggression, and negativity we constantly see in the movies and go see this film. But beware subject matter includes; self forgiveness, mindfulness, giving back, and the like..sometimes these subject are scarier than any horror movie.

As far as the pursuit of balance goes, .it may be of some comfort to know that (in my opinion) no one really achieves perfect balance, and if so, for a fleating moment.  The important thing is that you try to gain some resemblance of balance in your life, ask yourself the big questions (i.e. Am I happy?), learn from your experiences, and try your best to still your mind whenever you can.

But living a balanced life?....Whatever!

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