August 12, 2010

Could it be stress?

It appears I have turned my brain off for the duration of the summer as I haven't found the inspiration to write a thing lately.  It wasn't until the news story about the JetBlue flight attendant spazzing out and jumping out of his landed plane, that I started thinking again.  The very next day, there was another story about a women flipping out because she couldn't get her chicken McNuggets served to her at 7am (I think it is more disturbing that she wanted McNuggets at 7am than the freak out...but whatever).

To review, the flight attendant's reaction was sparked by a rude  passenger on the plane. After landing (and having his head attacked by a misplaced suitcase) he grabbed the PA system mic, said a few rude words, grabbed a beer (that's the best part) and slid down the deployed slide to his car.  In a nutshell, he snapped. Now the media is reporting on who said what, who started what, but the end result is the same. A build up of anger and frustration lead to stress which, in turn, lead to this gentleman's public breakdown. It isn't too hard to figure that out. More and more people are feeling the crunch and unaware of how to deal or manage their stress in a healthy manner. More and more people may be showcasing on the news due to their own public breakdowns. 

Although there are articles and stories here and there, there isn't much public attention to the concerns surrounding a stressed out society.  I have ranted about the rudeness of people on this blog and by reading the comments on this flight attendant, it appears many people share my disgust and wonder where the kind, thoughtful people have gone (probably to somewhere sunny and beautiful where people dance and hug each other).

Chronic stress creates health problems, relationship problems, anger problems, and can ultimately lead to joblessness, isolation, and chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. It is vital that we all create action plans for ourselves to help manage our stress in healthy ways. Go for a walk, take time out for friends, play with your dog, watch a "happy" movie (not one that cuts people up) what you can to avoid having your meltdown story on!!!

As for me, I'm making a conscious effort to be kinder, more thoughtful, and polite even to those people who may not demonstrate such behaviours.  As Gandhi once said....

Have a great's almost time for back to school!  Kathi

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