August 15, 2010

I'm challenging my fears in the kitchen...

So in my own pursuit of eating clean, whole, unprocessed food, I'm learning to cook and bake. Having only used my kitchen to make coffee and bake Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies (masking as my own), this is a huge life changing event for me. For many others, it may be trivial but for "my people", those who never feel they have time or interest in reading a recipe I offer this picture as proof.

I conquered my fear of making bread from scratch. I was always in awe of people who did it so I started slowly by reading the recipe over and over and over, buying the ingredients, and finally diving into the project one Sunday afternoon. I made olive bread. It was frickin fabulous!!!!!!

Although full of white flour and not such a great food choice if your goal is to loose a few, it was made from whole ingredients and not a chemical in site. What a way to eat! I highly recommend it.  I have also learned more about my own capabilities in the kitchen....more to come.

Bon Appetite! (Julia Child)

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