August 17, 2010

Deconstructing the Dessert

So there I was, in the breakroom at work, preparing my salad with chicken breast and staring down a tray of pastries sitting on the table. The door was closed, who was going to know? It was just me and the pastry.  This wasn't just any pastry, this was one of those sugary delictables with strawberry sauce inside. It wasn't alone either. Beside it was a pile of cookie-like desserts with a similair profile and all sortsa good stuff in it. Needless to say, it was tempting. 

The old me would have grabbed one after the other and stuff them down in a frenzy to avoid being caught. The "new" me, however, surprised the crap out of myself. I walked past them, fixed my salad (actually looking forward to it), sat down - right next to the pastries I might add - and enjoyed lunch; completely forgetting about the temptation.

The challenge came once I was finished lunch and could easily go for a dessert. My strategy for getting out unscathed? I stood over the little guys and recalled everything I know about how these little sugar bullets are made. The lard, the chemicals, the fat, the transfat..and what effects they all have on the body. Then I imagined the feeling I would have AFTER eating one or two or three.  The feeling of elation would last only seconds, but the feelings of dissapointment and illness would last into the afternoon. 

I completely walked away feeling really great that I had a healthy lunch without chemicals, sugar, salt, and all those bad fats. It was a great feeling.

I highly recommend this strategy if you find yourself in a similair situation. Take some time to stop and examine what you are coveting. Think about the crap that is in it and perhaps you may surprise yourself as I did.  Change is hard, takes time, and a lot of patience, but it is completely worth it when you are able to stare down a pastry and win!


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