July 14, 2010

Weighing In on My Own Progress

Well...since February I have worked at eating more vegetables, not relying on exercise as a weight loss tool, and limiting my junk food.  I kept a weekly record of food and exercise, cleaned out my fridge and cupboards of junk and loaded up on whole vegetables and fruit. I started at 174.5 lbs and measured in at 158 by May.

Since my knee injury, while I have tried to keep up the exercise and continue my healthy eating regime, I slowly dropped the record keeping, dropped the grocery shopping regime, started to accumulate fatty, processed foods in my cupboards and fridge, and stopped the daily weigh ins.  Do I need to tell you what happened?

After this weekend, I can offically say that I have slipped back into old behaviours and measured in at 165.6 lbs this morning. Why am I reporting this? Because even though I work with people on behaviour change and even though I have studied and understand the importance of record keeping and even though I know that behaviour doesn't change in just 6 months....I forgot it all and lapsed back into old behaviours.

At this point, I'm feeling a little hopeless and very disapointed with myself. However, this is a great learning experience for myself as I struggle with these changes. If I am struggling, how does the woman next door feel? If I am lapsing (knowing what I know) how do others feel? I'm just looking at 5 lbs to get ride of again while others are looking at 150lbs.

At any rate, the most important thing is knowing how to get back on track. So I'm back and focused on healthy eating and exercise. I'll continue to post my progress in all honesty.


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