June 3, 2010

What is Willpower?

The other day I was sitting with a client discussing the next week's goals and he suggested that his dedication to strengthening his personal willpower.  I responded by asking him the question, "What is willpower?"
Seriously, what is it? Is it something you are born with? Something you learn overtime? Do the "strong" people have it? Can you buy it in pill form? I have no idea.
So I sat with that for a couple of days and tried to figure it out. I personally try to avoid using words like "control" (i.e. My eating is out of control.) and "lazy" (I can't stand that I'm so lazy I don't exercise). They are negative and do not positively support anyone. So when I thought about the word "willpower" I wondered how much of this word is judgement and how much is fact.
I do, however, think willpower comes from a place inside us that is absolutely fed up with our present state. For example, it may take a certain level of ....dare I say it...."self-control" (I feel dirty now) when one has a goal of weight loss but hears the brownie in the kitchen calling. But is that willpower?
Let me give it more thought. I would really appreciate your feedback on this word also. Perhaps together we can take it apart and understanding it more.
More later.

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