June 29, 2010

Successful Behaviour Change IS the Bigger Picture

Today I taught a one-day course on healthy eating. I love teaching those courses because my focus is on the change of eating habits vs. the food itself. It drives my class crazy. Although I have to present on the food guide, serving sizes, the 5 nutrients, etc. I really love talking about change. We all know that carrots are good for us, but how hard is it to reach for the carrots if the fries are seducing us with their deep fried goodness?

So throughout the class I was challenged with participants adding what their nutritionist said, what their doctor said, what their trainer said.  While it may be true that the exercise scientists have stated that no less than 60 minutes of continuous physical fitness per day will help reduce or maintain body fat will that help the person who hates exercise? Yes, there may be certain ways to prepare veggies to get the best bang for your nutrition buck, but will that help the veggie hater?
The big picture of health takes into account many things, one of which is behaviour change strategies.  Who cares if the morning may be the best time to exercise when you hate the mornings. Work out at a time that works out for you! Eat more veggies without concerning yourself with how to prep them. Eat them any way you can. I even support the cheesy toppings if it means you will eat your broccoli!  Once the habit of eating veggies is established, then take some time to learn how to prep them in a way that may be "healthier".
Based upon the comments today in class and those I receive at parties, meetings, and one on one with people, I think we are worrying about the gritty details before actually establishing the healthy habit.
Do what you can when you can and how you can. Think about the details later if you wish. As much as I think the statement from Nike is irritating and trite, they may have a point...."Just Do It!"



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  2. Hello K;
    Thanks for your post and comments. Love the reference to pie! As you may note, this blog is about real life health and critical thinking. In no way do I suggest or support weight loss supplements.
    Stay tuned, though. You have just motivated me to research the crap out of Acai Berry!
    Hope to hear from you soon.