April 1, 2010

The Fun Theory

While there are multiple theories attempting to explain human behaviour (i.e. exercise, eating well, recycle, etc.)  behaviour change may be more successful when the change is fun. If you enjoy physical activity, you are going to be more apt to participate in it. Similarly, if you are able to cook a healthy meal that is also fun to eat and tastes great, you may find it easier to eat healthy.  You know this if you have kids.
So how do you make exercise fun? The first thing to consider is the activity itself. You must choose something you enjoy. If you despise the treadmill but do it because you think it will be the best choice, you will be less inclined to continue for a long period of time.  Are you an outdoor or indoor exerciser? Do you enjoy dancing, walking with friends, or mountain biking? Making it fun is the key to exercise adherence.
Volkswagan has this fabulous website, thefuntheory.com. I have included a few clips from it via youtube.  The piano stairs experiment was the best as it demonstrated how fun can change behaviour.
So I guess the question I ask is how can you make behaviour change fun? How can you eat healthy and enjoy it? How can you get more exercise and love it? Think about that and enjoy the clips. By the way, if you end up seeing a series of clips that do not relates, try logging in again. I'm still learning this stuff, and cannot figure out how to delete the other clips. I am sorry for the inconvenience...but it is totally worth it!

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