March 30, 2010

Leading to Life Long Exercise

Of all the books I have ever read, I think this was in the most interesting...of course, I co-authored it so I'm a bit bias.

This book was the product of my thesis research and may not be the most exciting of reads. However, the subject matter fascinates me and provides the framework for my work in physical activity counseling for behaviour change.

In addition, the importance of transformational leadership in group exercise classes that cater to those new to fitness or challenged with sticking to it, is examined in detail. I believe in the power of leadership as a way to enhance exercise adherence. A good fitness leader is one that understands the importance of feeling included and mastery over the movements. It isn't about bouncing around wearing spandex and yelling into the microphone. It is about belonging, enjoyment, and fun.

If you are finding it hard to stick with a program, perhaps finding a group to do it with may help. The research does show that social support (i.e. group exercise) is one of the leading factors in sticking with it AND enjoying it.

Since moving to a new community six months ago, I joined the local women's only gym and have found I look forward to going to classes because I am getting to know the other women who go. Being able to connect to others through laughing, talking, and even coughing up a lung has a great influence on coming back!

Something to consider....

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