March 30, 2010


I have to say, the topic of fat is one of my favorite topics. The history of fat, the culture of fat, our present fear of fat, our judgement of fat.  We continue to point and laugh at fat people and inadvertently continue to create a fatphobic society. 
Fat has recieved a bad wrap over the years.  Fat doesn't kill, fat doesn't make us sick, and fat certainly isn't the enemy.  However, a lifestyle combining low levels of physical activity and high levels of junk food and processed "food-like" products may be.
Did you know there are cultures in our world that celebrate the fat (even obese) female.  The same woman would be ridiculed and unfairly treated in our society. Historically, when food was scarce it was the rich who were fat and envied. Conversely, as we see now, when food is plentiful, we celebrate the thin "fit" look.
There are many fabulous books on fat. I have listed a few in the books section of this blog.
If you want a tour of a great website check the Fat Museum out.  It will provide you a glipse into the history, culture, and science of fat.

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