September 8, 2009

Who am I and why am I blogging?


My name is Kathi and I am a blogging addict. 

I have had over 20+  years in the fitness / health profession beginning as a fitness leader (when wearing the thong body suit was in fashion). I moved into weight and personal training and became a trainer for fitness leaders for about ten years.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and worked as a trainer and head of fitness at the local YM-YWCA. After working with many overweight / obese clients, I soon began to realize that it wasn't necessarily about the science of exercise but the psychology of it. I completed my masters degree in exercise and health psychology and continue to conduct research with community partners including the school district and local college. In addition, I continue my position as a sessional lecturer for the University of Victoria in the School of Exercise Science, Health & Physical Education.

My area of complete passion is working with people who have been classified as overweight and obese. I'm interested in answering the question of why is it so hard to start an exercise program and continue for life. I'm interested in meeting and talking with people who struggle with their weight for whatever reason and it is because of those people (perhaps like yourself) I have started to blog my thoughts, frustrations, and topics related to all aspects of health.

I am working towards a career in freelance journalism as I adore writing. I have published papers in local magazines and professional periodicals and recently published a book related to leadership theory and the promotion of life long physical activity. At present, I am working on my second book and, although the procrastination takes over more often than not, I do hope to publish it for the general reader. I am blogging as a way to practice the art of writing and would welcome constructive comments to improve my skill.
I feel I have the professional experience and finally the education to construct a well thought out, critical look at what is being done and believed in the areas of health, fitness, weight loss, attitudes about fat and "fat people" and other such topics. I will be posting and sharing resources that challenge what we think we know and hopefully provide more of a well balanced approach to health and what you can do NOW to become more healthful.  In no way am I an expert as I don't believe anyone is an expert. I do, however, know where to find information, have 22 years of experience, and two degrees that help me navigate through what is truth and what is snake oil.

I can promise you that my opinions are educated as I take the time to research and collect the research to support my statements.  However, I am also very open to those with opposing views and insights. Especially those that live the experiences and would like to share them.

Please leave your comments behind after you read through this site as I am very interested in what people find interesting and what they find boring or complete crap.

Thanks and have a great day!



  1. This is amazing. Can you please come back down here so I can get in better shape with you?


  2. Hey Kimmee;
    I just read your comment now...sorry for my lateness. Thanks soooo much for your comment.
    You know....I can always work distances with you if you were ever interested in chatting.
    Health coaching isn't like personal training (and I do find myself in Victoria often).

    It is all about slow, progressive steps that you design yourself...I just add a few bits and pieces to the mix.

    Have a great day, KS!

  3. I am interested to share with you, I like your blog, keep blogging mom.... :)

  4. Thanks for your comment, SWIS;

    Sorry it took so long for me to read this. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading more about your own experiences.