September 8, 2009

What is "Real Life" Health?


My name is Kathi and I have begun this blog simply to share information, insights, and knowledge as it relates to health...real life health. Real life health has nothing to do with eating your share of vegetables and getting the prescribed 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Real Life Health doesn't care what size you are or how much you weigh and it certainly doesn't care how you look. What Real Life Health focuses on is balance, joy, and living your life on purpose and passion. Real Life Health combines the best of the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual and acknowledges that each are equal to the other.

I have worked in the fitness and health industry for over 20+ years and have yet to see a push for true health. I work in the promotion of health now and although I do love my job, I find it very frustrating to witness most people push health and balance aside for weight loss and the dream of fitting into their "skinny" jeans once more. More often than not that dream never becomes realized and that person becomes frustrated and disappointed.

I will go into great detail about this, I'm sure. I will also provide you with more information on who I am (in case you are wondering who the person behind the information is...which you should be as their are enough "experts" in the field to confuse the most knowledgeable health professionals.

At this point, I just wanted to introduce the concept of "real life" health. Health is about what you are doing now. Hanging out with friends, sharing your feelings with someone, having a laugh, feeling hope and joy, doing what you love and believing in something bigger than you. This is to be healthy. Please don't let anyone - doctor, nurse, personal trainer, nutritionist, and the like tell you anything else.

Welcome to "Real Life Health"! It is a judgement free zone that welcomes anyone who wants to share their frustrations, their stories, and their comments about their own health and fitness challenges.


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