September 10, 2009

Just a couple of thoughts about weight loss...

So I was getting close to barfing as I peddled on the "Real Ryder" bike in spin class this afternoon thinking about the excitement over loosing weight. It's not like I don't understand why we all want to look good.

The first sight of your ankle bone since high school is enough to keep you away from chocolate for the rest of your life. Bones popping out, the look of a nicely shaped calf muscle, or the feel of a rib...all motivators. But WHY????

I'm not going to lie to you and say I'm not like the rest of 'em. I, too, feel way better when I can zip up my pants without having to do the "panus dance". I also like the feel of bending and moving without feeling rolls of fat getting in the way.
I get it.

But why is our society so pre-occupied about being thin when other society's in the world celebrate the overweight and obese women? There are places on our earth where the girls go to get fat before finding a man. A thin woman is an unattractive woman. Could you imagine? Going to a place where they feed you and make you relax all day? I know...there are certain health consequences to that also..but come on!

So why are we so interested in thin? Why are women sucking fat out of their bodies? Why is lunch time liposuction becoming the new thing on many people's "To Do" list? I asked my boyfriend this question not too long ago and he responded by saying that he likes the softness and curves of a woman. This isn't the first time I have heard this answer from a man...but it did make me wonder why we do what we do to turn heads if men prefer real women. Why are we, women, dieting ourselves angry and exercising until we see spots for the sake of seeing our clavicles poke out under our shirts?

Is it our mothers faults? Our fathers faults? society's fault? Is the fashion industry at fault? The guy who left us for a skinny woman's fault? Or is it simply because we allow it to happen and influence us? Even the "plus size" women in Hollywood (Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifa) go on some weight loss regime...usually right after they have proclaimed they love their body the way it is. Jessica Simpson made a point of saying that when she gained enough weight to finally represent the average "healthy" woman and then turned around and lost it - very quickly I might add.

I know many highly educated, professional and successful women who dedicate much time and energy obtaining the "fit" physique. They spend their time running, cycling, competing,watching their caloric intake in the name of "health" and sacrifice time with friends, family, personal time to reflect and recharge and for what? Is it ever enough? Don't get me started about the "health" thing.

Too much exercise is just as bad for you as too little. With too much exercise the immune system can weaken and the "healthy" runner, cyclist, and marathoner picks up more germs than those walking briskly for 30-60 minutes per day. Just look at the fitness leaders. I worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and we were the sickest bunch of "health promoters" going.

I'm ranting now. I just wanted to pose the question; why? Why are we doing it REALLY? I suggest it is related to how we view ourselves in the world...our self worth. Do we feel we can be loved and valued at 200lbs? Is it the attention we get when we get down to a size (insert dream size here)? All those people rewarding us with praise and compliments when we loose weight? Our society values what are we going to do about it?

Something to consider...


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